My name is Jamie Bates, and this is my daughter Tyler Kay and my husband Jonathon.

At the beginning of 2022, I left both my 13-year Army Reserves career and 8-year Veterinary Technology career to prioritize family time. Around that time, I also started homeschooling Tyler Kay and discovered how crafty Tyler Kay can be. We are constantly painting, cutting, gluing, taping, drawing, and creating as part of our school curriculum. The crafting and creating doesn’t stop at the end of school time, though. Creating is fun!

My husband Jonathon has been a small business owner in the YouTube/woodworking world since 2014. In 2023, he acquired a laser engraver, and we all fell into the rabbit hole that is laser engraving and cutting. The laser, his CNC machine, and full woodshop have given us all full creative freedom.

My goal for Mom and Me Laser is to create crafts with Tyler Kay and incorporate this business into her school curriculum. It’s a perfect opportunity for her to see and learn economics, profit and loss, continuous improvement, and all the extra behind-the-scenes effort that goes into running a business and being in complete control of your career. We have told Tyler Kay her entire life, “You can have anything you want, so long as you earn it.” As a family, we are earning all of these wonderful life lessons and experiences. Tyler Kay even drew the Mom and Me logo! We sincerely thank you for supporting our small business and hope our products bring a smile to your face 🙂


Mom – Designer, Creator, Crafter, Sales, Customer Service, Shipper

Dad – Grunt, Vector Creator, Web Admin

Tyler Kay – Crafter, Master of the Glue Gun